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AOL Rethinks the Digital Ad

AOL is introducing new ad formats that aim to re-conceptualize digital advertising. One of AOL's new ad formats uses parent company Verizon to reward consumers who click on mobile ads. The DataPerks offering is a mobile ad that...

New Ad Units to Debut in Early 2017

The Interactive Advertising Bureau will be introducing new formats and standards for ad units that it believes will have a major, positive impact on user experience. The proposed standards , which were released by the IAB and are now...

Video-Based Shopping Comes to Adwords

Google introduced two new video formats in Adwords - TrueView for Shopping and Shopping ads on YouTube. The new TrueView for Shopping product enables marketers to display interactive video ads that contain actionable shopping "cards"...

Are Rising Stars Burning Up or Burning Out?

Digital advertising network Jivox recently released its 2014 benchmark report on the IAB's Rising Stars ad units, analyzing more than 2.7 billion impressions to determine the performance of the emerging formats. Since 2012, the...

7 Steps to Better Display Ads

Anton Ruin, CEO of Epom ad serving company offers some important advice for running efficient display ad campaigns. Even though the online advertising industry has undergone many essential improvements in the past few years, audiences'...

Optimal Ad Units Should Not Surprise You

Ad technology and service provider Unicast released a report measuring the results of various online ad formats across several industries. The report includes interesting information on interaction rates and engagement times: Interaction...


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