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Obtaining EU Visitors' Consent Required for Adsense Publishers

Those responsible for website monetization were caught by surprise this week. Google announced a relatively major change to its user consent policy which will affect publishers using Google products and services including Google AdSense...

AdSense Unveils New Reporting Dashboard

As marketers look to increase their consumer engagement it is vital they receive accurate, timely and comprehensive reports on their current digital efforts in order to understand how they must alter their approach. AdSense , the popular...

Google Consumer Surveys Arrive, Publishers Rejoice-ish

Google has a new program available for website owners looking to generate some additional revenue from their content. The Google Consumer Surveys program will pay publishers for completed surveys, used most often as paywall alternatives...

434,216 New Ad Formats Offered by Google

This week Google announced it is now making it possible to create custom ad sizes. This capability will provide publishers with more flexibility to design for users. Custom size ads work just like the standard-size units, showing either...

Google Anchor Ads Appealing to Publishers, Advertisers & Mobile Users

As mobile website traffic increases, publishers are looking for ways to monetize users visiting through smartphones. The experience on mobile devices is much different from the desktop, as you likely know, so why aren't mobile...

Ad Testing Comes to Google AdSense; Web Publishers Rejoice

The only way to generate more revenue from your website if you're an information publisher is to make sure that the advertising that is being displayed is actually doing its job (getting clicked). But what will move the digital...

Block Ads with Google Publisher Toolbar

Over six months ago, Google launched the Adsense Publisher Toolbar, a browser-based extension that enabled publishers to monitor their earnings and performance directly on their own website pages. 31,000 Adsense publishers now use...


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