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6 Ways to Make Your Site Content More Interactive

:: By Larry Alton, @LarryAlton3 :: We’re beginning to enter a new age of content marketing. For the past decade or so, the Internet has been a relatively open place in terms of content, but as more entrepreneurs and marketers...

Measure Content and Influencer Value with New Smart URL

Web analytics software provider gShift is helping marketers better measure the value of their content and influencers with its new tool dubbed kontextURLs. KontextURLs enable users to add a short, branded URL to any content piece....

Content Marketing Inspiration for The Rise of Native Advertising

Content is a powerful force in the digital experience, but often the content published needs a little promotional support. For that reason, Web users and 'Net professionals are seeing a dramatic increase in native advertising....

8 Ways to Nail Native Ad Headlines

Here we find the elusive creature, the website visitor, in its natural habitat. The website visitor has adapted to its harsh environment of sensory overload. Years of browsing websites and clicking on links has conditioned the website...

Tracking Native Ad Performance with

Content analytics and optimization platform has released a feature which will enable publishers to quantify the results of sponsored content and "native advertising" - one of the more popular marketing and advertising...

Bring Content Marketing Functionality to Your Blog

When blogging first became a thing, it was primarily utilized by online content publishers and bored teenagers. It wasn’t really until years later that their usefulness as a content marketing tool really became evident. Unfortunately...


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