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Click Quality Enhancements Improve the Mobile Display Ad Experience for All

It is estimated that up to 50 percent of mobile ad clicks could be accidental. That, of course, is a major problem. The result is the artificial inflation of click-through rates and increased costs - neither of which will do at all...

Advertising Viewability at the Google Display Network

Over the past few years the concept of "viewability" has risen in importance for advertisers. If ads aren't seen, how could they ever be clicked? And if ads aren't seen, why exactly are we paying for those impressions...

Click-to-Call from Mobile Display

Performance marketing network Tradedoubler has partnered with mobile ad placement company Freespee and will use its technology platform and API to offer clickable phone numbers and analytics to its desktop and mobile display advertisers...

Hey, Where’s My Display Ad?

Display advertising has seen a resurgence over the past few years thanks to much improved targeting and testing technologies, but some very significant problems remain. A new report out from Comscore indicates that 3 out of 10 display...

Track Competitors on Google Display Network

Would you like to know where your competitors are running their display ads, who they are buying that inventory from and exactly what ads are in rotation currently? Well, you can - and you’ve been able to for quite some time...

Saving Display: Ads Get Social at SiteScout

Banner ads never did receive much in the way of click-throughs and as such advertisers (and the publishers that support them) are on the look out for anything that might reverse the long and tedious slide of display into obscurity...

Relative Clickthrough Rate & Impression Share (GDN)

Google has been investing heavily over the past year in targeting, optimization and measurement, and advertisers are first in line to benefit with two recently released enhancements to the Google display network. Relative CTR: While...


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