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DoubleClick Breaks the Internet

Kim Kardashian may have tried to break the Internet but Google kind of succeeded. For a short time last week, Internet users enjoyed a nearly ad free Web experience due to an outage at Google’s DoubleClick for publishers (DFP...

Call Tracking for DoubleClick Search

Advertisers are beginning to understand that as search and display take an ever-larger portion of their marketing budgets, at some point they'll need to show value; essentially, they need to prove that the money they are spending...

Ads Bring Google and Facebook Together

What can make Google and Facebook play nice? Ads of course. The companies have come together to allow DoubleClick clients to purchase retargeted ads on Facebook’s real-time bidding exchange platform, FBX. According to the DoubleClick...

Block Ads with Google Publisher Toolbar

Over six months ago, Google launched the Adsense Publisher Toolbar, a browser-based extension that enabled publishers to monitor their earnings and performance directly on their own website pages. 31,000 Adsense publishers now use...


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