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Native Ad Publishers Fail in Transparency

Despite the hype, native advertisements seem to fail when it comes to providing adequate consumer transparency and disclosure. An analysis by the Online Trust Alliance of native advertisement on the top 100 news websites found that...

Native Ad Guidelines from the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission this week released an enforcement policy statement and a business guidance detailing its rules for native ads . "In evaluating whether an ad's format is misleading, the Commission will scrutinize...

FTC Speaks on Social Ad Disclosures

The Federal Trade Commission Tuesday released updated guidance for mobile and other online advertisers, explaining how to make disclosures clear and conspicuous to avoid deception. The FTC’s new Dot Com Disclosures guide (PDF...

FTC Offers Mobile Advertising and Privacy Guidance

Mobile ads are the next big thing for the advertising industry, so did you really think that the FTC wasn’t going to get involved sooner or later? In early 2012, the group was looking into updating its online advertising guidelines...


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