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Google SERP: How the Removal of Sidebar Ads are Impacting Costs

If you have searched for something on Google over the last few months, you may have noticed a change to the layout of the search engine result pages (SERPs) for desktop users; the right-hand side ads are missing . Like most changes...

Industry Benchmarks for Google AdWords

Digital advertising solution WordStream released some interesting (and rather valuable) research on Google AdWords recently and if you're spending anything to acquire new users in the digital realm, the research is something that...

AdWords Requires Verification for Phone Numbers

Google AdWords has recently released a statement saying that starting in June 2015 it will be requiring verification of ownership for all call extension and location extension phone numbers. In order to verify phone numbers associated...

Callout Extensions: Google's Latest Extension

:: By Bruce Gibbs, YP :: Google has been on a roll as of late, making big changes to AdWords. One of the latest changes advertisers can see when they log into their AdWords accounts is what Google has named "callout extensions...

Zappos...King of Digital Marketing for Apparel Retailers?

In 2013 the total amount of revenue for online advertisements was $42.8 billion , 17 percent higher than in 2012. With more and more brands investing in the digital advertising game it is crucial that brands know how they stack up...

Doh! 25 Percent Waste Ad Budgets

New research from WordStream shows that small businesses are wasting a significant portion of their pay-per-click marketing budgets. And why? No, it's not malicious in nature. WordStream suggests that the 25 percent being wasted...

Google App Showcases the Best Mobile Ads

Last week at Google's Creative Sandbox even, the AdWords team officially unveiled its new Mobile Ads Showcase App . This application is meant to put some of the best advertisements that Google’s mobile advertising platform...


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