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Fat Fingers, Accidential Clicks & the Issue with Mobile Display Banners

The most significant problem faced by mobile advertisers today? Your big, giant, fat fingers apparently. A survey released recently from mobile location firm Retale found that 60 percent of clicks on mobile banner ads were mistakes...

Reward Based Mobile Ads Are What Work

Digital advertisers have been relatively cold over the years toward mobile advertising; at least those mobile ads which weren't targeted geographically or behaviorally. As the industry matures however, the digital ad community...

Improve Your Ad's Relevancy with Spectrum for Mobile

Marketers looking to improve the targeting capabilities of their mobile advertising campaigns, look no further! Twelvefold Media (the company-formerly-known-as-BuzzLogic) wants to help you do just that with its new Spectrum for Mobile...

Mobile Ad Revenues in Canada

The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada announced that mobile advertising revenues in Canada grew 93% above 2009 totals to $52 million in 2010. The 2011 forecast? $82 million. Highlights from the IAB Canada study include: - The...


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