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Find Out What Content Generates the Most Revenue

Content recommendation and discovery platform Taboola, which was listed as one of Website Magazine's Top 50 Leading Networks for Digital Publishers and Online Advertisers , is releasing a new product that will show publishers exactly...

Pubfood and the Rise of Header Bidding for Publishers

Automation is rapidly transforming digital advertising, reducing media-buying inefficiencies and improving audience targeting, allowing both publishers and brands to deliver more relevant messaging to consumers. The issue or problem...

Evaluating the ROI of a Performance Marketing Campaign

:: By Matt Swan, Affiliate Window :: The customer path to conversion is a complex journey and one that spans across a number of touch points. As a result, it is becoming increasingly challenging for advertisers to attribute sales to...

Real-Time Bidding Boosts Ad Revenue for Publishers

The increased use of real-time bidding (RTB) and private marketplaces for selling online ads has resulted in a noticeable boost in revenue for publishers, including a lift in CPMs, according to the digital media platform PubMatic ...

Block Ads with Google Publisher Toolbar

Over six months ago, Google launched the Adsense Publisher Toolbar, a browser-based extension that enabled publishers to monitor their earnings and performance directly on their own website pages. 31,000 Adsense publishers now use...


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