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AdGear Gives Real-Time A Real Shot

Digital advertising solution AdGear unveiled a real-time dashboard for its demand-side platform AdGear Trader DSP. A demand-side platform is a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange...

Tracking Native Ad Performance with

Content analytics and optimization platform has released a feature which will enable publishers to quantify the results of sponsored content and "native advertising" - one of the more popular marketing and advertising...

Anomaly Detection in Adobe Analytics

There has been a surge products from digital solution providers emerging which hope to help marketers and data analysts identify and act upon insights that emerge from the performance of their businesses. Adobe Analytics (part of Adobe's...

Merging Google Analytics and Adwords Data is Essential

When it comes to Internet advertising, the more data the better. In early October, Google made available a feature which enabled advertisers to combine Google Analytics data directly within Adwords accounts . If you haven't done...


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