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PPC Landing Pages - How Do You Compare?

Search engine marketing software WordStream recently introduced a tool for grading landing pages designed for Google AdWords campaigns . The tool is designed to help advertisers identify missed opportunities on their landing pages...

Adwords Benchmarking >> Advertisers Grade Performance with WordStream

Companies spend millions of dollars each year on Google's AdWords platform. So, how are their campaigns performing? And how do those campaigns perform in relation to your efforts, and the efforts of other advertiser's in your...

Doh! 25 Percent Waste Ad Budgets

New research from WordStream shows that small businesses are wasting a significant portion of their pay-per-click marketing budgets. And why? No, it's not malicious in nature. WordStream suggests that the 25 percent being wasted...

Create Conversion Optimized Landing Pages with WordStream

SEM software and service provider WordStream has updated its pay-per-click advertising management platform PPC Advisor, including a point-and-click interface for building landing pages. WordStream has offered PPC Keyword Research,...

Most Expensive Keyword Categories at Google

Search marketing software provider WordStream has released data showing the top 20 high-volume keyword categories with the highest costs-per-click at Google. According to WordStream, the top five keyword categories are Insurance, Loans...


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