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Bigger Ad Sizes, Bigger Profits?

What's a matter? Website visitors aren't clicking the affiliate display ads you include on your website? No problem, just increase the size of the ads! This week Google introduced two new, much larger ad formats. Google believes...

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434,216 New Ad Formats Offered by Google

This week Google announced it is now making it possible to create custom ad sizes. This capability will provide publishers with more flexibility to design for users. Custom size ads work just like the standard-size units, showing either...

Google Anchor Ads Appealing to Publishers, Advertisers & Mobile Users

As mobile website traffic increases, publishers are looking for ways to monetize users visiting through smartphones. The experience on mobile devices is much different from the desktop, as you likely know, so why aren't mobile...

Ad Testing Comes to Google AdSense; Web Publishers Rejoice

The only way to generate more revenue from your website if you're an information publisher is to make sure that the advertising that is being displayed is actually doing its job (getting clicked). But what will move the digital...

Adsense Offers HTTPS Ad Code

For years Web publishers using Adsense have been unable to display advertisements on secure pages (HTTPS). That’s no longer the case as Google this week announced that they have updated the Adsense ad code so that it now supports...

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Adsense Comes to Content Experiments

Yes, you can make more money with Adsense - but you'll have to put the work in. Fortunately, Google has announced that users of its Analytics product who have linked their accounts to Adsense can now select AdSense Revenue as an...

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Google Adsense Publishers Can Nix Advanced Ad Format Features

Google has announced that it will now allow its Adsense publishers to opt out of many of the newer ad format features. Publishers have seen a steady stream of "innovations" appearing on ads displayed at their websites including...

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Favicons Come to AdSense; Will Publisher Earnings Increase?

Performance marketers (affiliate publishers) using Google AdSense have been claiming over the past few years that their revenue has been steadily reduced to an almost unsustainable level. While Google has taken the initiative to educate...

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Manage All Your Websites in Google AdSense

Good news for affiliates that use Google AdSense to monetize their websites. The service is looking to make monitoring the revenue performance of all your websites (and their respective AdSense campaigns) significantly easier. That...

Adsense for Search Now With Thumbnails

Thumbnails are a powerful way to provide users with more information about the listings returned, improving both presentation and usability. Users of Google's custom search offering now have the ability to add thumnail images on...

Adsense Reporting Enhancements - Events and Reporting

Google announced two new reporting and administrative features for Adsense publishers. If you’re focused on identifying the cause of revenue fluctuations and where earnings are coming from, keep reading. The new Event History...

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AdSense Features to Be Thankful For

Adsense began rolling out its new interface to all publishers last week and, in short, it is something that deserves affiliates' collection thanks. What should we be thankful for in the new Adsense interface? Namely that Google...


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