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Do Away with 3rd-Party Analytics APIs for Good

Everyone is always telling you to “track, track, track” your Web application’s users. They’ll tell you how important it is to know where they came from, what they’re doing and all sorts of other data that...

Segment Visitors to Gain Actionable Insights

The ability to incorporate ForeSee surveys into SiteCatalyst isn’t exactly a new feature, but Adobe Genesis just announced an upgrade that expands upon the integration, improving segmentation capabilities and adding some automatic...

Take Social Media Analysis a Step Further

Internet marketers are constantly trying to find the best ways to leverage social media platforms to get the most out of their time spent on these sites. And with all of the social networks out there, they can spend a lot of time on...

Google Analytics Visualizes Visitor Flow

Google has announced a new feature for its Google Analytics product called Flow Visualization, which, not suprisingly, is a tool for visualizing visitor flow. On its blog, the company says that many users have expressed interest in...

WordPress Wednesday: Top 3 Analytics Plugins

Behind every good business website is an even better analytics program. For WordPress users, however, that means going out and finding a plugin that will match their analytic needs. WordPress offers very little in the way of site analytics...


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