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One Less Player in Digital Analytics

Analytics are crucial to every business as they provide immense value in understanding the successes and failures of campaigns, user flows, design and more. Adobe continues to make strides to optimize its ability to help customers...

comScore Offers Smarter Social

Popular measurement and analytics provider comScore has introduced a new partnership that aims to provide better social media benchmarking and competitive intelligence insights to its clients. The partnership is with a company called...

Ad Viewability Metric Gaining Ground

In an effort to add another layer to its analytics, VivaKi has partnered with comScore to offer its VivaKi Nerve Center Audience on Demand users ad viewability metrics that measure how often a digital ad is actually viewed (as opposed...

Bizo & comScore Prove the Value of Business Audiences

A big, new merger in the world of e-commerce consumer analytics was just announced today when Bizo went public about a recent collaboration with comScore. Bizo is the world's largest targeted business-to-business audience targeting...

The Impact of Cookie Deletion - Inflated Audience Reports

Comscore today released a study which address the key sources of discrepancy between server-based and panel-baed data and reveals that cookie deletion can lead to large overstatements in server logs measurement of the size of online...


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