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Google Analytics Adds New Features Including Third-Party Tags

In order for companies to maximize their potential and be as successful as possible they must leverage a powerful analytics suite to understand where they can improve and where they can save money. Google Analytics has announced the...

Klipfolio Gets Connected with Google Analytics

Klipfolio, a provider of an operational dashboard for real-time business information and key performance indicators, has added the Google Analytics data connector. The data connector is used to provde non-technical users with the ability...

Google Analytics Visualizes Visitor Flow

Google has announced a new feature for its Google Analytics product called Flow Visualization, which, not suprisingly, is a tool for visualizing visitor flow. On its blog, the company says that many users have expressed interest in...

Find Real-Time Data in Google Analytics

Google is launching a real-time data feature in its Analytics offering. With Google Analytics Real-Time , users will have the ability to see active visitors on the sites they measure, providing very powerful insights into the social...

Site Speed Update in Google Analytics

Google introduced its Site Speed report back in May 2011 and webmasters (and all other sorts of Web professionals) dove right into the details about their page load times. What the feature, which is available in the new version of...

Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics

Last week Google released a rather significant improvement to how it helps Internet merchants and web publishers track conversions. Until now, most responsible for tracking conversion (at least in Google Analytics) were forced to give...


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