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Decorate Your Logo

The holiday season is almost over, but if you still want to add a little spirit to your site, consider decorating your logo. 99designs offers a feature called Swiftly , which is a service for small and quick graphic design tasks. With...

Need a Designer Swiftly?

In-house designers are a luxury not afforded to all. Even companies with full design teams can find themselves without help, because designers are either tied up with big projects or working for different departments. Online graphic...

3 Must-See Menu Design Styles

Ever walk in a mall and not know whether to look - left, right, up or down - for the store, theater or restaurant you want? There’s a certain amount of anxiety in that experience and trying to locate a directory can add to the...

Squash Bugs with GitHub Survivor

Developers have a lot on their minds, which makes it easy for them to occasionally forget about bugs. Development teams, however, can prevent bugs from becoming an issue with GitHub Survivor , which is essentially a dashboard that...


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