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jQuery Junkie (July 2016)

The most popular JavaScript library is jQuery. In fact, jQuery is used more more than 80 percent of the top 1 million websites according to BuiltWith. Thanks to relative ease of development with jQuery, there is an endless number of...

Yandex Now Crawling CSS and JavaScript

Most websites in the English-speaking world don't receive much traffic from Russian search engine Yandex, but for those that do, keeping abreast of changes that may impact their search engine optimization will most definitely benefit...

Surfacing Actionable Info on Javascript Errors

Customer experience analytics company Decibel Insight has announced a new report that shows Web marketers where site visitors are most likely to be affected by Javascript errors. The error reports present users with information about...

Develop A Mobile Strategy Like It's 1999

:: By Stephen Forte, Telerik :: Mobile is everywhere and with its necessary integration into all sides of business, developers face numerous obstacles when implementing a successful mobile strategy – from user experience to standards...

Google Indexing JavaScript

Within the last three months the highest number of websites that Google has had indexed (found and logged by the search engine) at any one time was more than 50 billion . Google’s ability to read a website is critical to the...

Make a Flipbook Magazine with Turn.js

Your average Web user is looking for richer and more engaging interactions within their digital experience. That is challenging on both creative and technical levels but there are solutions emerging which make quick work of a more...

What is TypeScript?

Have you heard of TypScript, yet? That’s Microsoft’s new JavaScript-like programming language that the company just released a developer preview of a few weeks ago. TypeScript is translated into good old JavaScript so that...


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