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Guide to Moving On Up with SSL

There are numerous reasons for websites to start using HTTPS over HTTP. Not only does using HTTPS improve and increase security for consumers during the course of their digital experience, but the presence of a secure connection is...

Security Panel in Chrome 48

Google is rolling out a new security panel in the DevTools section of Chrome 48 that is designed to make it easy for developers to deploy HTTPS on their websites and services. Secure connections are a necessity today to decrease the...

SSL for All; AWS Rolls Out Certificate Manager

Adding encryption to a website has always been more complex than it should be, but Amazon wants to simplify the process for its AWS users with its new Certificate Manager offering. Deploying SSL/TTL encrypted sites on AWS previously...

Why Firewalls and SSLs Aren’t Enough

:: By Steven R. Russo, CertainSafe :: It says something about our society when we’ve become so immune to news of another major data breach that we just shrug our shoulders and barely act surprised. Yet, the consequences of data...

Receive Alerts on SSL Certification Expiration

Remote application monitoring tool Stackify this week released , a free service to monitor websites and provide alerts before SSL (secure socket layer) certificates or domain names expire. “Most companies have SSL...

SSL Trials from Symantec/Verisign

If you’re in the market for a SSL Certificate – check this out. Symantec this week launched a free trial of all its VeriSign Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates, including a free trial of a fully functional Extended...


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