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Design Ideas for Rockstar Apps

:: By Chirag Leuva, Yudiz Solutions :: Design among other factors plays a vital role in the success of a mobile app. Developers should ask themselves whether their app looks interesting to a user a first glance; whether or not it looks...

Essential Tips for the Success of your Enterprise Mobility Efforts

:: By Nilesh Talaviya, Cygnet Infotech :: Employees in most businesses are relying more and more on smartphones and tablets to get work done. Sure, laptops and PCs are still widely used, but mobile devices have been added to the mix...

12 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App Like a Pro

By Alex Genadinik, Do you have a mobile app, or are you thinking of creating one? If so, you will need to generate thousands (or at least hundreds) of downloads a day on a daily basis. Here are 12 techniques to leverage...

Deploy Your Apps in the Rackspace Cloud

Cloud computing has provided app developers numerous new opportunities for deploying their creations and growing their audience. AppFog is a multi-language Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) built for the deployment and management of cloud...


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