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How to Build Compelling Onboarding Experiences for Apps

:: Nancy Hua, Apptimize :: In today’s overly saturated mobile app market, it’s not downloads that count, it’s retained users. Currently the average app loses 71 percent of its users within just one day of an install...

Create Design Concepts from Your iPad

Adobe is strengthening its mobile app family with the launch of its Adobe Comp CC iPad app. Adobe Comp CC is a free app that enables designers to create layout concepts for mobile, Web and print. The app is built on the Adobe Creative...

Mobile App Development Process: 5 Precautions to Follow For Successful Apps

:: By Diwiyne Johnson, Vanity Point :: Now that mobile app developers have gained some more experience, they are no longer making apps for the heck of it, but are now developing apps which are meaningful and better. That is at least...

Optimize Native Apps With A/B Tests

Most Web workers know the importance of testing usability features when building a website, however, this same strategy should also be implemented when building mobile applications. Luckily, a new service from mobile experience management...

User-Generated Photo Galleries on Display

It is no secret that visual content, such as images and videos, help increase engagement rates on websites. Finding an elegant way to fit this type of content into a site, however, can be daunting. Luckily, companies can leverage a...

Quickly Test Mobile Design Elements with Plunk

Usability is everything – especially when it comes to mobile. But creating a design that is truly user friendly requires an abundance of testing. This is where Plunk comes in handy. Plunk is a free Web app from ZURB that enables...

Break Out of Your Creative Cage

One of the really great things about working on the Web is that it can be done from pretty much anywhere, as long as there is some kind of connection. This, of course, has its downsides, particularly when it comes to collaborative...

Getting Feedback with Influence

Have you ever asked for feedback from your peers about a design or presentation, but quickly gotten way too many comments back? In fact, sometimes people even start picking out and commenting on aspects of your design that you didn’t...

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