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Google Indexing JavaScript

Within the last three months the highest number of websites that Google has had indexed (found and logged by the search engine) at any one time was more than 50 billion . Google’s ability to read a website is critical to the...

Use Pure CSS for a Quickstart on Your Next Web Project

CSS is one of the core/key “languages” for the modern digital designer. Writing CSS however can be exceedingly time consuming which is why here at Website Magazine we like to ease the virtual burden from time to time and...

Textillate Brings Back Text Animation

You know what the Web needs? That’s right… more animated text! If you’re looking to add some motion to the copy on your website, be it as simple as page headings or vital as custom call out sections on landing pages...

CSS Frameworks for Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web design (RWD) has taken the ‘Net by storm. RWD isn’t just trendy among designers, it’s useful to ensure a consistent user experience – something of increasing important with the diversity of screen...


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