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Who Codes in 2015?

Stack Overflow, a question and answer site for novice and professional programmers, has released results from its annual developer survey , providing the 'Net community with some interesting demographic data on who is coding in...

Create Interactive Maps with Google's New Data Layers

Google has added several new features to Data Layers in its JavaScript Maps API. The new features will enable developers to allow their users to input and edit geographic data and get the updated data in GeoJSON format. Google provided...

The Mobile-Minded Developer Population

Evans Data's recently released Developer Population and Demographics study (June 2014) suggests that of the world's 19 million software developers, 8.7 million are now writing apps targeted for mobile devices. What is perhaps...

Streamline Web & Application Development for Visual Studio

Proficiency with a keyboard is an invaluable skill for Web developers, and KeyRocket wants to help them achieve this expertise with new support for Microsoft Visual Studio. KeyRocket is a smart application that suggests context-aware...

Socialcam API Gives Developers Access to Public Videos

Developers now have access to the API of Socialcam , a video app that allows users to quickly and easily capture, view and share high-quality videos with their friends, family, acquaintances and any other interested parties. By opening...

Visa Enhances Developer Center

Visa has enhanced the Developer Center in an effort to faciliate the creation of electronic payments applications among independent developers. If you've had trouble deciding which API to use, ever wanted to download...


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