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Twitch's HTML5 Video Player Enters Closed Beta

Social video platform and gamer community Twitch announced the closed beta of its new HTML5 Video Player. Users with Turbo subscription will now be able to join the beta and begin viewing broadcasts in HTML5. That should provide Twitch...

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Flash Forward: The Future Is HTML5

:: By Michael Pasco, ZOG Digital :: After significant security failures, thirst for user resources and industry-wide pressure, 2016 will be the first year marketers will not have Flash to fall back on as a crutch. Thankfully, new technology...

Sencha & the App Lifecycle

Sencha, a provider of a popular HTML5 desktop and mobile Web application development technology, has recently announced its Web Application Lifecycle Management Platform, a solution that aims to provide Web/app development and IT departments...

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HTML5's Continuing Rise

It’s a multi-device world, and developers can no longer afford to play favorites. According to Vision Mobile’s latest Developer Economics report, Apple’s developer Mindshare has slipped to 52 percent (from 56 percent...

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HTML5 Popularity (and Profits) Among Fortune 500

Companies listed in The Fortune 500 aren't always innovators when it comes to design, so analyzing how those brands are currently designing their digital assets helps understand the broader prevalence of certain trends. HTML5 provides...

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HTML5 Apps Now Welcome in Amazon Appstore

Amazon has launched support for Web apps in its Mobile App Distribution Program. Wait, is that the death knell of native apps I hear? Developers can now submit URLs for their HTML5 web apps (and mobile websites) and have Amazon offer...

4 Design Frameworks Not To Miss

Ever since Website Magazine profiled several popular CSS and website frameworks back in late November 2012, there’s been demand from our readers for additional resources to explore. And what do you know, we managed to identify...

HTML5 Sites Take Over the Web

More than 1 million HTML5 websites have been added to the ’Net thanks to DIY Web publishing platform This number is huge, especially considering that Wix launched its HTML5 website builder in late March 2012. The platform...

HTML5 Splits – Snapshot or Living Standard?

A rather important development in the world of HTML5 has taken place. The two groups responsible for the development of HTML (the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group or WHATWG and the World Wide Web Consortium or W3C...


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