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Site-of-the-Day: UnSplash

It's a problem faced by every 'Net professional - finding quality images to use on their website. You could, of course, spend hundreds of dollars (if not thousands on an annual basis) purchasing images from stock image sites...

Millions of New Images Available at Wix has teamed up with Bigstock to provide its users with access to millions of high-quality, licensable images. Bigstock is a Shutterstock brand that offers a marketplace with more than 21 million photos, videos, vectors and illustrations...

5 Image-Rich E-Commerce Sites

Retailers only have a few seconds (if that) to make a good impression once a visitor arrives at their site. One sure-fire way to grab the attention of site visitors and create a lasting impression is by prominently featuring visual...

JPEG Encoding with mozjpeg 2.0

Mozilla announced earlier in the year a project to provide a "production-quality" JPEG encoder that improves compression and maintains compatibility with the majority of decoders in an effort to reduce page load time and...

Add Engaging Flickr Photos to Your Site

It is now easier than ever to add engaging Flickr photos to your websites, blogs and articles, because the company has introduced a new embed feature. Through the feature, publicly shared photos and videos can be embedded on external...

Get Fast, Free Access to Images with Foter

Picture this: You're a blogger, online journalist or Web developer in dire need of a great photo to really jazz up your latest piece of content or Web page. But finding the right one with access permissions is difficult and, depending...


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