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Supersize Image-Based Websites

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine how much you could convey on your website with an attractive, full-screen background slideshow. Well, you no longer just have to imagine it, thanks to the Supersized jQuery plugin...

Lettering.js Ensures Truly Fontastic Web Designs

A good font can make all of the difference between an attractive website that effectively communicates its message to visitors and one that, well, doesn’t do that. Unfortunately, at present, CSS doesn’t offer a complete...

Parallax Scrolling, Responsive Design Make Nice

Responsive design is top-of-mind these days for website owners and designers, alike. Plenty of developers are also talking about another hot new trend sweeping the Web known as parallax scrolling. If you haven’t heard, parallax...

Extend Image Value by Tagging with Rich Content

Image tagging is a popular new way to make pictures on a website more informative and engaging for users. Now, website owners and designers can bring that engagement to their own images with the iPicture jQuery plugin that allows users...

jQuery Plugins for Increasing Interaction

There is one thing that every website, no matter what kind it may be, always wants to see: more user interactions. However, despite the universal desire to increase interaction on one’s website, the route that each designer and...


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