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Repeat Offender: Google Flags Safe Browsing Violators for 30 Days

Google has long flagged sites that violate its malware, phishing and other policies, but once the warning expired (or were removed), those "bad actors" simply resumed their ways and users were none the wiser. The search engine...

Linux Servers Under Attack

Antivirus provider Eset has recently published a report ( PDF ) detailing what appears to be an ongoing criminal operation infecting more than 10,000 Unix and Linux servers. The malware campaign, dubbed Windigo, sends spam and redirects...

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The Leading Malware Hosting Nation Might Actually Surprise You

It's not China or Russia; managed security service provider (MSSP) Solutionary is reporting that the United States is actually the leading malware hosting nation with 44 percent of all malware hosted domestically. According to...

Malware Delivery Techniques Focus on HTML Attachments

Use of malicious HTML email attachments increased significantly in the third quarter according to Internet security technology vendor CommTouch. In its Q3 2010 Internet Threats Trend Report (PDF) , CommTouch examined the methodology...


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