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Connecting On-Premise and Cloud Data Sources with ADF

Micrsoft's Azure Data Factory (ADF), which first became available as a public preview in October 2014, has launched to the general developer public. ADF, an important component of Microsoft's Cortana Analytics Suite, is a cloud...

Azure Enabling Application Devs to Test Security With Tinfoil

More than 13 percent of all reviewed sites can be compromised automatically and 49 percent of Web applications contain vulnerabilities of high risk according to the Web Application Security Consortium . It's an increasingly serious...

Test Web Pages in IE with RemoteIE

Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser has seen better days (in terms of usage). That of course doesn't mean that developers - or designers - should ignore the browser when it comes to testing out their website pages. So what...

Developing Cross-Platform Games with Visual Studio, UnityVS

Gaming is big business and big companies want in. Case in point, Microsoft recently acquired SyntaxTree, the developers of the UnityVS plug-in for Visual Studio. UnityVS enables developers using cross platform game engine Unity to...

Optimizing Global SharePoint Deployments

:: By Paul Andersen, Array Networks :: One of the biggest challenges to global deployments of SharePoint is dealing with poor wide area network (WAN) performance. Essentially, plans for global adoption can be thwarted due to slow page...

What is TypeScript?

Have you heard of TypScript, yet? That’s Microsoft’s new JavaScript-like programming language that the company just released a developer preview of a few weeks ago. TypeScript is translated into good old JavaScript so that...

Attack Surface Analyzer (Security)

Microsoft has formally released a tool that gauges the security of an application by exploring how it affects the computer upon which it is installed. The Attack Surface Analyzer, which might just be the best name ever for a security...


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