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20 Terrific Tumblr Themes

The biggest Internet news this week was unquestionably Yahoo’s massive purchase of the popular microblogging website/platform known as Tumblr. Once considered nothing more than a haven for angsty teenagers and aficionados of...

9 Spectacular Social APIs

Like it or not, the Web is an increasingly social place, and in order to successfully market a brand and reach out to consumers, utilizing the various social media resources at your disposal is quickly becoming an essential part of...

Profile Inspirations for the Big 4 Social Networks

In today’s digital age, it is important for every business to broaden its audience reach by maintaining a presence on four of the ’Net’s most popular social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn...

Use Bitly Social Data for Content Marketing

The buzz among marketers and Web developers this week has in great part revolved around Bitly's public release of its new social data API. The amount of information that is shortened, shared and ultimately clicked by Web users...


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