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Perceptual Fluency & Image Filters

A recently released study from Yahoo Labs examined whether manipulated images on the Web (specifically those using digital photo filters) engage people more than unfiltered ones. Assessing 7.6 million photos from Instagram and Flickr...

Google Converting Flash Ads to HTML5

Need proof that Flash is dead and gone? Keep reading. Google announced today that it has begun automatically converting Adobe Flash ads to HTML5, providing digital advertisers an opportunity to target users that don't have a device...

What's New in Google Web Designer?

Google has released an update to its Web Designer product, a tool for authoring interactive HTML5 websites and digital advertisements (the company also indicated that ads built with Web Designer have been viewed over 2.5 billion times...

Google Play Services Get Serious

It may have flown under the digital radar of developers, but Google has unveiled a new release of its Play services, which includes the Google Mobile Ads SDK, and offers improvements to geofencing, Google+, and Google Wallet Instant...

Online Pros Make What?! (INFOGRAPHIC)

Online jobs in areas like Web development, data entry, marketing and mobile development are in demand across the globe, but how much do these Web professionals make? A new study from looks at data from popular online jobs...

Personalizing Advertising with Real-Time Creative

:: Ben Kartzman, CEO of Spongecell :: Marketers have long sought the ability to deliver messages specifically tailored to individual consumers. The idea of sending the right message at the right time to the right consumer is a marketer's...

8 Awesome Advertising APIs

Web businesses use application programming interfaces (APIs) for all sorts of the things, depending on their unique needs and the demands of their customers. These interfaces allow website developers to easily migrate their software...


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