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WordPress Wednesday: Introduction to 4.0

Most experienced Web professionals have a pretty good understanding of how to use WordPress to grow their online presence, but Marko Heijnen, 1&1's WordPress Specialist, has had his hand in developing seven releases since 3...

Top 3 Favicon Plugins for Wordpress

As I sit here typing this, I have three different browsers open with at least 10 different tabs up in each one (and that’s being conservative). Luckily, I have no problem opening up the right tab each and every time thanks to...

Take Your WordPress Site Mobile: WordPress Wednesday

Much of the appeal of the WordPress platform is that it makes it easy to create an affordable, functional, and often feature-rich website without requiring extensive knowledge of the “nuts and bolts” of website development...

WordPress Wednesday: Themes of a Social Nature

When Facebook burst onto the national scene and stopped being the exclusive domain of college undergraduates, its biggest selling point (and the attribute that helped propel its phenomenal success) was a clean, straightforward design...


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