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4 Reasons Your Web Design Is A-OK

It's easy for website owners and those who manage digital presences to get wrapped up in what their site does not have. This is because if they can imagine a bell or whistle, there's a big chance the 'Net offers it or there...

Ease the Pressure on Your Support Team with New AnswerDash Integration

As the products and services that websites display become more complicated, consumers are bound to have questions as to how they work and what they can do for them. AnswerDash , a provider of contextual answer technology for websites...

Escalating Support Issues to Zendesk with Vanilla Forums Integration

Enterprises using popular forum software Vanilla Forums will be able to escalate support issues to another employee thanks to an integration with Zendesk. Once the Zendesk Add-on has been enabled in a Vanilla Forums account, authorized...

10 Gallantly Green Websites to Envy

Color usage plays a tremendous role in a website’s ability to evoke emotion and ultimately action from its audience. People tend to gravitate toward blue and green as their favorite colors , but it’s the meanings behind...


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