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Domain Masters; Trending News To Know

Domain names are an important aspect of the digital ecosystem and the more you know about the state of the industry the better prepared you are to take advantage of the opportunities. Let's take a look at what's trending this...

280 Million Domains and Counting

Verisign released its latest Domain Name Industry Brief this week which shows growth in the second quarter of 2014. Over four million domain names were added in 2Q 2014, bringing the total number of registred domain names to 280 million...

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Domain Names in Digital Focus - 276 Million and Growing

By the looks of Verisign's most recent Domain Name Industry Brief, the domain name industry is healthy and growing. Verisgn indicated last week that five million domain names were added to the Internet in the first quater of 2014...

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Domain Names Keep Growing Despite new TLDs Fears

The domain name industry seems to be doing just fine despite all the hullabaloo about the coming introduction of those new gTLD’s. Verisign has just published its quarterly Domain Name Industry Brief which shows that more than...

Domain Stats to Know

Verisign released their quarterly Domain Name Industry Brief for the 3rd quarter of 2012 this week. Q3 ended with just over 246 million registered domain names (across all TLDs). In total, 5.7 million domains were added, a 2.4 percent...

Verisign’s New Top Level Domain Plans

Verisign will apply for several new top level domain names, said Senior VP and GM of Verisign Naming Services Pat Kane, during its most recent Q4 earnings announcement. Just how many you ask? “About 12” indicated Kane,...

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Domain Name Growth at Verisign

Verisign announced that the global base of internet domain names grew by nearly 3.8 million in the third quarter of 2010. Registrations increased 7% year over year to $13.3 million. VeriSign stated that the combined base of .com and...


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