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Domain Authority Stacking and IFTTT Syndication Strategies

:: By Travis Bliffen, Stellar SEO :: Domain Authority Stacking (DAS) is an SEO strategy developed by SEO expert Jimmy Kelly. The premise of DAS is to link multiple layers of sites together in order to pass authority to your money site...

Excavating SEO Shortcuts from Expired Domains

:: By Li Huang, Fueled :: One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure; this is especially true in terms of SEO and expired domains. There have been numerous instances where businesses have had great success in capitalizing...

How Ds Google Handle new GTLDs?

Will the new top-level domains have an impact on search? Google published information last week which sheds some light on how the search engine will handle the new domains , and it should help resolve webmaster questions and eliminate...

Did Bing Get it Wrong on Domain Names? [COMMENTARY]

Google and Bing don't obviously want to make it easy on search engine optimization (SEO) professionals, but they don't also have to make things hard on themselves. Bing's Duanne Forrester last week wrote on a topic that...

Domain Importance in Bing Ranking

Does a keyword rich and exact match domain name help improve a company's organic rankings? Bing's Duane Forrester wants to set the record straight on the matter. Forrester indicated in a blog post that ranking today is a result...

SEO Fail? Incorrect Usage of ccTLDs

It's the Web 2.0 trend that just won't go away - the use of country-code top level domains for websites that simply aren't relevant to the geographic area they indicate. A new video from Google's head of search spam...


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