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3% Drop in Mobile Email Conversions

Perhaps it was just a slow summer, but mobile email conversions in the U.K. drecrased compared to the previous quarter, according to research released recently by Movable Ink. Analyzing 30,000 emails in the retail sector, Movable Ink...

Just Do It: Schema for Emails & the Review Action

Chances are excellent that a majority of your existing customers/users have a Gmail/Inbox email address. Google provides arguably one of the most powerful messaging solutions available on the Web today and email marketers, whether...

Bigcommerce Grows Momtrepreneur’s Site, Know-How

Balancing business and baby is tough. And while there is no secret to how moms do it, getting support from qualified sources is a key ingredient to success, just ask "Momtrepreneur” Nicole Ropp (pictured). After Ropp’s...

Weather-Based Email Triggers

Does the weather affect how much you sell on a given day? Well of course it does - your customers wouldn't be human if that weren't the case! When it rains, sleets, snows, hails, or is exceedingly hot, you can count on buyers...

Get Personal with E-commerce Emails

It’s time to get personal with your customers – and merchants can do exactly that with GoECart. The e-commerce solutions provider has launched enhancements to its transactional email module. The goal is to help merchants...

Three Email Marketing Tips for Merchants

Every Monday morning I wake up to an inbox that is exploding with emails – as I’m sure is also the case with most of you reading this article. Thankfully I have multiple email addresses, so I can avoid the problem of having...

Email Marketing for Ecommerce Merchants with Listrak 5.0

Listrak is helping merchants take the guess work out of their email campaign performance with the launch of the company’s new e-commerce email marketing platform. Listrak 5.0 features actionable analytics beyond typical email...


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