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#BeLikeAmazon: Free Shipping

One of the biggest appeals of Amazon’s subscription program (Prime) is the many free (and often expedited) shipping options it offers; and it’s setting consumer expectations around the Web. In fact, according to Temando’s...

68% Shop Once Per Month; 2015 E-Commerce Trends

A new study from WalkerSands Communications is shedding light on the current state of e-commerce, revealing that consumers are shopping online more frequently and purchasing a broader selection of products. In fact, the study found...

Improving the 3 "E"s of Customer Experience

:: By Brian Mell, :: How do you shop? Admittedly, it’s an innocent question, yet it will garner a multitude of answers. The general public has options; most notably, shopping in an actual store, and shopping online...

Free Shipping Rules the Holidays

When it comes to online shopping this holiday season, the retailer with the best shipping offer will win. This is because data from Marketlive ’s annual online retailer survey for the 2013 holiday season reveals that 91 percent...

Minimize Consumer Risk, Maximize Profits

Online shopping is meant to be simple and suitable. Consumers unfamiliar with your brand are essentially taking a gamble on purchasing your products. They need an extra sense of comfort to convert and more from you to be a brand advocate...

Free Shipping Incentives for the Upcoming Back-to-School Rush

If you’re looking for a digital leg up for the rapidly approaching back-to-school season – here’s the answer: offer free shipping. A recent PriceGrabber survey reveals that while consumers are intending to spend more...


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