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Up Conversion Rates with Timed, Multi-Stage Cart Abandonment Emails

Cart abandonment happens to every online retailer, but successful merchants know how to minimize their loss and capitalize on the opportunity. A new study from e-commerce personalization solution Barilliance reveals that sending out...

AdRoll Equips Shopify Merchants with Retargeting Tools

A new integration between AdRoll and Shopify is making it easier for merchants to retarget customers across devices. Through the integration , e-commerce businesses can implement retargeting strategies from within the Shopify platform...

3 Real-World Tips for E-Commerce Bloggers

Blogging is a top marketing strategy for retailers on the Web. Not only can a blog with quality content increase brand awareness, but it can also be instrumental in driving traffic to a retailer’s product pages. In fact, a Demand...

E-Commerce Email: Converting the Customer

Cart abandonment is among the most frustrating problems that e-commerce merchants face, and unfortunately, it happens way too often. In fact, 80 percent of online shoppers have placed an item in a shopping cart and left the site without...


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