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Responsive Email Support Arrives for Google's Gmail & Inbox

Email marketers released a collective sigh of relief yesterday as Google revealed that later this month, Gmail will be able to support emails created with responsive design. Designers will be able to use CSS media queries with Gmail...

Gmail Testing a Visual Promotions Tab

Google wants the inbox to be a lot more visual. In fact, the company is trying out a new version of Gmail that lets users view the Promotions tab through a visual, grid layout. Users that are part of the test will be able to see images...

Gmail Showing Images Automatically; Is This a Good Thing for Marketers?

Email marketers have had a long-time, tenuous, love-hate relationship with images, and as of this week, it has seemingly become even more complicated. Google has announced that Gmail users will no longer have to select "display...

Add Quick Action Buttons to Gmail Emails

Google has expanded the functionality of its “Quick Action buttons”, allowing consumers to effortlessly take actions on new types of tasks without digging through an email message. The Quick Action feature presents clickable...

Quick Actions Come to Gmail; Email Marketers Elated

Users of Google's Gmail service have a new feature at their disposal called Quick Actions. The feature enables Gmail users to perform "actions" from within their inbox without the need to actually open the email at all...

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Google Dominates 90 Percent of B2B Space

From search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) to social media and email, Web workers use a variety of tools to build and sustain website traffic. But knowing what is actually working to achieve these goals...


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