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Mobile Gets the Email Opens, Desktop Gets the Conversions in Q2

A new report from Movable Ink indicates that while users email recipients on mobile devices are responsible for more opens, those using their desktop are generating more conversions. Movable Ink's Q2 " US Consumer Device Preference...

Microsoft Acquires Popular Mobile Email App

Mobile and email are two of the most important channels to businesses today. With consumers spending more time than ever on their mobile devices as well as businesses sending more emails than ever , mobile email apps have become a...

A Self-Learning Email App That Keeps Your Inbox "Focused"

By 2017, more than 200 billion emails are predicted to be sent and received every day. With the amount of emails only expected to increase it is important for professionals and consumers to have a way to organize and manage their inboxes...

Popular Mobile Email App Mailbox Gets the Desktop Treatment

With an estimated 191.4 billion emails being sent and received every day this year, email will remain a vital channel for businesses to communicate with their customers. In order to manage their emails and maintain some semblance of...

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Know How Consumers See Your Emails

The total amount of emails that were sent and received every day across the world in 2013 was 182.9 billion . With such a massive amount of emails sent daily it is important for marketers to know how these emails are being seen in...

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Responsive Emails, Not Such an Easy Decision

Creating emails that are aesthetically pleasing on mobile devices is no easy task. For that reason, responsive emails are a tempting alternative to their non-responsive counterparts. However, the decision between the two is not so...

CRM for Sales: Tylr Mobile Connects the Inbox to Salesforce

New technology from Tylr Mobile is helping connect salespeople’s inboxes with CRM data while on the go. The technology, dubbed WorkinBox , is essentially an iOS app that connects to Salesforce. The mobile email solution allows...

Deliver Responsive Emails with Zurb

Mobile has changed everything. In fact, in 2012 most Web workers were focused on projects like building applications and launching mobile-optimized websites. But going into 2013, Web workers need to focus on other mobile initiatives...


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