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Are Email Win-Back Campaigns Worth It?

The science of email marketing. Sounds like a college course doesn’t it? Email plays a vital role in a company’s overall marketing strategy. In order to obtain the best results marketers must stay up to date with trends...

Mailbox-Specific Strategies Key Moving Forward

In the last year, it seems like Gmail changed its locks and didn’t give marketers the new keys. From changes to Gmail’s automatic image display to its tabbed-style inbox , plenty of updates have impacted merchant’s...

Inbox Diagnostics from Return Path

When Google added tabs into Gmail, email marketers all over the world went into panic mode. Google was effectively sorting email on behalf of its users, prioritizing received emails based on the contents and the sender (although little...

The Fight Against Email Spam Heats Up

The battle against fraud and spam has heated up, as IT security provider Kaspersky Lab and email intelligence company Return Path have teamed up to fight against international fraud together. The companies have agreed on a framework...

Fight Phishing with Return Path

The reputational cost to a brand as a result of a phishing attack is approximately $1900 per infected user, according to a Cisco report . Can you afford that? Return Path, an email intelligence company, recently announced a solution...

Mobile Email Opens Top Desktop, Webmail

As Web workers, we knew the time would come when email open rates on mobile devices surpassed their desktop counterpart. A lot of us, however, didn’t know it would be this soon. Findings from Return Path ’s newest mobile...

Inbox Placement Declines (Again)

If you’re using email marketing to promote your digital presence, know that all senders have serious issues to contend with - none more significant than inbox placement. According to Return Path’s recently released Email...


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