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WM Editors Letter - March 2013

In the quest toward Web success, digital acquisition tactics — bringing prospective customers and users to your Web property — take center stage in the discussions of Web business and Internet marketing professionals. Without...

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Net Briefs - March 2013

SOCIAL STUDIES Link-shortening service, bitly, released a set of “socially conscious” APIs that provide users with information on real-time search results, attention spikes and metadata about URLs, which can be integrated...

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The Low-Down on Real-Time Bidding

Time is money — a cliché that rings very true in the realm of digital advertising today. As consumers, each gadget we pick up (and put down), every website we visit (and leave) and all the ads we see (and ignore) work...

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A Day in the Life of a Content Marketer

There is rarely a dull moment in the life of a content marketer. These digital professionals can easily breeze through an eight-hour workday dabbling in everything from social media to video production and still feel like they barely...

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Optimizing Video for Search

Everyone is viewing videos online these days, and the (relatively) simple act of including this content on a website repeatedly proves to increase the ever-elusive goal of engagement. According to 2012 BotVideos research, the average...

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What Online Shoppers Want

Three Ways to Keep Consumers Satisfied Customer satisfaction has a direct impact on a business’s immediate and future success, and this is especially true for e-commerce merchants. After all, their competition is just a click...

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Design for the Big 3 Social Networks in 2013

In this very column in the March 2012 issue of Website Magazine, an article was published that highlighted one example of a popular brand page from each of the “Big 3” social networks: Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Since...

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50 Top Content Management Platforms (2013)

The only thing really “new” about content marketing is the buzz that the approach generates among new media professionals today. ‘Net workers have always leveraged content, but seemingly overnight the industry collectively...

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FOUND: User Acquisition Strategies

As someone responsible for the success of your website, you know what you need — you just need to go get it, right? Well, sort of. Acquiring website visitors from the myriad available opportunities on the ‘Net, each with...

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Marketing Science: Metrics for the Digital Experience Age

The practice of measuring the digital experience is complicated and fraught with poor and misguided planning, exacerbated over time by fuzzy logic. Worst of all, perhaps, is that our own objectives can influence the insights we obtain...

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Super Strategies for Email Segmentation

Email segmentation, the practice of separating a list of recipient email addresses based on some qualifying factor, is by no means a new technique. It is most certainly an effective approach that can drive significant improvements...

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Unleashing the Power of Blog Commenting

Crafty performance marketers routinely capture prospective visitors’ attention by using the comment section of various content-based publishing websites. Yep, blogs. Commenting is a powerful way to foster relationships with content...

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Stat Watch: March 2013

So many interesting data points, so little time – or is there? Website Magazine aggregated and curated some of the more interesting data released over the past few months. Actionable? Not always. Informative? Absolutely. Share...

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Mobile Unawareness

THE MISUSE OF MOBILE CAN HURT YOU Smartphones serve as a connective tissue, binding a person with the world around them through features such as ubiquitous Web access, email capability, geo-location and apps for every conceivable need...

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The State of Paid Inclusion

Keeping paid and earned media separate is challenging for marketers, advertisers and search engines, but a recent move by Yahoo is blurring an important line. Here’s what Web professionals need to know. Yahoo ended its paid inclusion...

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