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April 2013 Editors Letter - Inside the Online World

Content marketing is the digital tactic du jour among the new media elite, but it’s no longer enough to just “produce” and “distribute” content. Today’s savviest digital enterprises must relate to...

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'Net Briefs & More - April 2013

IF YOU OFFER, THEY WILL CLAIM According to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, the social network’s Facebook Offers program has been catching on with consumers, as 42 million-plus users have already claimed deals. The service was met...

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Is Facebook’s Graph Search a Game Changer?

Thanks to an audience of more than 1 billion monthly active members, Facebook doesn’t just have big data — it has enormous data, and the world’s largest social network is finally ready to put that data to good use...

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Beginners Guide to Web Design Blunders

Being a website designer can be tough. Your work is out there on display for anyone and everyone to critique (and believe me, they do). While you shouldn’t take everyone’s opinions to heart, there is one group whose voice...

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Semantic Markup Crash Course

One of the SEO failures many enterprises make today is not taking advantage of semantic markup — the code that’s written to define the context of the content enclosed within it. While the use of semantic markup doesn’t...

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Drive Engagement with Consumer Reviews

From good to bad to downright malicious — user reviews vary greatly. These snippets of unfiltered opinions offer multiple benefits to merchants willing and able to market them (appropriately). The first being search engine optimization...

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5 Everyday Navigation Techniques to Master

One of the most effective ways for Web designers to help meet a company's goals and achieve the digital success they so desire, is by implementing navigational elements on their website designs that propel users forward through...

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Content That Sells

Content marketing is the digital tactic du jour among the new media elite, but it’s not enough just to produce content. Today’s savviest digital enterprises must relate to their audience with content that motivates, involves...

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Get Paid with Subscription Billing SaaS

Simplifying the Recurring Payment Process with a Subscription Billing SaaS Web businesses that offer products, services or information based on a subscription model spend a lot of time and effort managing customer billing and payments...

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Digital Agency Matchmaking

When and how to start the process By Lisa Barone, VP of Strategy at Overit Media I work on the agency side of the digital marketing world, which means I regularly meet with new clients to discuss their needs, goals and experiences...

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Helpless - Keyword Not Provided

If you’re dealing with the growing Keyword Not Provided problem, you're working in the dark In late 2011, Google implemented a major change, forcing search engine optimization professionals to work in the virtual dark, as...

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App-ly Common Sense to App Development

The amount of time consumers spend interacting with mobile apps in the U.S. is growing. In fact, Flurry Analy tics report that between Dec. 2011 and Dec. 2012 that number grew by 35 percent. By their measurement, U.S. consumers are...

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Cloud VPS for Beginners

From bloggers to retailers, it seems that everyone has their heads (and businesses) in the cloud. Left and right, decision makers are entering the cloud-hosting sphere and leveraging its power to obtain a structurally sound digital...

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Ahead of the Game; Advertising Strategy for 2013

By Jeremy Bloom, Co-Founder of Integrate The technology advancements of 2011 and 2012 will drive the platform and product adoptions of 2013. Marketers are already starting to push away the antiquated solutions of yesteryear in favor...

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Website Acquisition for Income Generation

By Ken Courtright, Today’s Growth Consultant The economy hit people hard and many are looking for a better, or at least a different path for income. Joining the small business community, which has enjoyed a healthy growth in...

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