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Amazon Unveils Seller App for iOS

Amazon sellers can now do things like list items for sale and respond to customer messages while on the go, thanks to a newly released iOS app from the e-commerce juggernaut. The free app, dubbed Amazon Seller , offers a variety of...

Amazon Gets in the Flow

Amazon made a significant update to its official mobile app that will likely draw addition ire from e-commerce merchants who are already quite concerned with the practice of showrooming. In its recent release, Amazon's mobile application...

Amazon Mobile Ad Network Increases CPM on Banner Ads

In an effort to expand its mobile ad service, Amazon has announced a new promotion for app developers. The promotion enables developers to earn a guaranteed $1.50 CPM on banner ads during March and April 2014 for serving mobile ads...

The Amazon Appstore Developer Pizza Parlor

The Amazon Appstore is now offering more than 100,000 apps after seeing a growth of 95 percent in app submissions. This momentum has been sparked by the multitude of developers who use the Amazon developer platform to build apps and...

Amazon Opens Mobile Associates API, Expands In-App Purchasing

Amazon introduced the Mobile Associates API for Kindle Fire and other Android devices this week, enabling developers to merchandise both physical and digital items from within apps and games. To monetize apps in the past...

HTML5 Apps Now Welcome in Amazon Appstore

Amazon has launched support for Web apps in its Mobile App Distribution Program. Wait, is that the death knell of native apps I hear? Developers can now submit URLs for their HTML5 web apps (and mobile websites) and have Amazon offer...

Are Tablets Taking Over E-Commerce?

When the iPad was originally announced, the critics were harsh, and most people didn't seem to see the purpose of yet another handheld device that didn't have the same computing power as a laptop, nor the portability (or ability...


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