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No, it's not a code word for entrance into the Googleplex, it's a style of writing initially used in press release writing which of late has generated some attention in the blogosphere.

Writing in the inverted pyramid style simply means placing the most important information at the very top of the content. Say for example that you are writing an article on hosting. You would want in one or two sentences to express why what you are writing is important to the reader - maybe that the readers can save money by using a web hosting reseller or that using a virtual host provides a certain set of advantages. The remainder of the article (or press release) would be used to explain the why of your initial statement (the raison d'etre if you will).

I'm not so sure that the inverted pyramid style of writing should be used by bloggers and here's why. Writing for the blogs is an art, whereas inverted pyramid writing is more of a necessary science. In days gone by, if you did not place the most important information at the very top or waited until the end of the release to share the key details, chances were good that your release would be cut off leaving vital information on the cutting room floor.

So what is the best practice for blog writing? There are no hard and fast rules, that is for sure. A clear point is important, well thought out reasoning and appropriate grammar and spelling can go a long way though.

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