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One of the issues companies have with managing the endless stream of feedback is that we tend to live in a black-and-white world too often. Instead of seeing things for what they are, we opt for purely objective or purely subjective assessments of things, people, or products.

Freelance marketplace aims to change all that with a proprietary feedback management methodology that improves the value of subjective comments or rankings on its site by validating against actual performance metrics.

"Current feedback standards create an assumption of validity predicated on transparency," explained Inder Guglani, CEO and founder of "But as incomplete information and fear of retaliation are introduced into the feedback process, transparency requires objective verification."

Users are able to block some unwarranted feedback but only in proportion to their prior, proven success. While negative feedback is not fully suppressed, its exposure is made more reliably predictive. Objective performance metrics determine a variable blocking rate, or "blocking power," which is calculated for each user in real-time. A seven day review-and-approval period is allowed for assessment of individual feedback records prior to public disclosure.

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Jay Lohmann 12-12-2008 3:12 PM


In full disclosure, we consider Guru a competitor of ours, and I'm not going to critique their business model or anyone else's, but we have definite concerns when it comes to enabling feedback on either the client or freelance side.

I personally have been self-employed for over a decade, both as a freelance copywriter and as the owner of  a full service advertising agency and, having served nearly a thousand clients, there are ANY NUMBER of things that can go wrong between a freelancer (or agency) and a client. The usual complications arise from an uneducated client, novice freelancer (or both together), bad communication (project scope, low cost estimates, scope creep, no creative brief, under delivery, issues that arise from slow or non-paying clients, over-charging by the freelancer, the fact that the client decided post-mortum that his high school nephew could do have done cheaper, unscrupulous and just plain dishonest people... I could go on and on. does not involve itself in escrow, we don't take commissions, we don't enable ratings – instead we prefer to stay out of the middle of our clients' business dealings - on both sides.  The point is, since we don't have first-hand knowledge of all the variables that went into the relationship, we don't put in place technology that enables either party to exact revenge and damage reputations.

This is especially true because we want to protect our freelance clients who have profiles on our site and depend on it for a portion of their income.  End-clients could easily flame a freelancer and move on, leaving the freelancer with a potentially undeserved mark.

We prefer to provide a robust portfolio system so enables quality freelancers to show their work. Truth is, the better the portfolio and client experience, the better the outcome is going to be.  We only serve U.S.–based freelancers. This ensures that everyone is governed by the same laws and cannot hide behind a border (or overseas).  We only allow "blind-bidding" to keep quality freelancers "in the game" (don't even get me started on the detrimental effect reverse auctions have on freelancers ability to make a decent living), and provide a number of other features designed to help freelancers and potential clients assess one anothers validity and determine who to work with - without the influence of others – for better or worse.

Thanks for providing great content. Love the mag and I'll keep reading!

J. A. Lohmann


founder / creative partner

TagTeam Advertising & Web Design LP

founder / general manager

Incite Public Relations & Promotions

founder / ceo

Freelance Nation, LLC


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