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It's not often that we write about specific affiliate programs, but due to some special circumstances (we're mentioning one of the companies in the upcoming April issue) it caught our attention and thought we'd bring it to yours.

The Google Affiliate Network (GAN) announced the Swoopo affiliate program. If you use eBay to sell products, and don't know of Swoopo, you will - and most likely very soon. Swoopo dubs itself as the next generation of online auctions.

Swoopo differentiates itself through its business model. Customers (buyers) buy their bids in advance in packs of 30, 50, 100, 300 or 700 ($0.75 each). Bidders can place single bids or use Swoopo's BidButler (and can even bid on the phone). Each bid placed increases the price of whatever product is being sold by $0.15 and reduces the auction countdown by up to 20 seconds. It's really a fascinating auction model that is sure to spark the interest of shoppers.

Swoopo launched in Germany in 2005, in late 2007 in the UK, Spain in May of 2008 and most recently in the US in September 2008.

If Swoopo sounds like something you might be interested in, the affiliate program details from GAN will ensure it. GAN and Swoopo are offering affiliates commissions for new customers that purchase the Bid Packs (a $7 bounty - duration of 30 days).

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Sasha 02-12-2009 12:07 PM

I'll try them out!

rr 02-13-2009 12:24 PM

What a BAD business model! They charge $.75 for each bid, even if your bid doesn't win the auction item?!? And you can't bid more than $.15 increments!!! Rediculous. It's a formula for A LOT of disatisfied customers. If you find something you REALLY want and try bidding a LOT to get it (the bids only increment by $.15 for each new bid!!!), then you could spend a lot of money on bidding and NOT EVEN WIN IT! Yeah right -- this model is going to frustrate a LOT of people.

Jason Miller 02-13-2009 10:11 PM

Its a great business model for them.. a nikon camera that retails for $1200.. well with the final bid price, shipping, and bid funds, they made over $6,000

and I have yet to see an auction where they "lost" money as their low ticket items have inflated shipping prices..

Derek B 02-14-2009 7:48 PM

Seriously folks, you really don't get it? If you want to bid traditional bidding, then go to eBay, eBidz, ePier, or even Bonanzle - this one is obviously not for you. It's a game, like going to vegas, you buy your chips and your take your chance (but you can't count the cards). You try to determine how high the price is going to go, and you wait - or you push the price and try to frustrate. Either way, it's a game. If I spend 100 chips and get a laptop for $300 - Im good. I just got a good laptop for $375. If I lose, well, I lost the game - and I knew how the game was played, so better luck next time. And as for the shipping? how is $19.90 for a laptop or $69.90 for a 42 inch plasma inflated shipping?

It's a GREAT new addition to the game. some will like to play, some will not, some will have fun for awhile then get board, or decide it's not for them - either way swoopa is gonna make their mint off their idea and a lot of people are gonna get some bargains.

Like you lotto says, you can't win if you don't play, and there again, only 1 in 1,234,564 win. but you play . . . .dontcha!?

LorenM 02-16-2009 9:26 AM

DerekB hit it on the nose. THIS IS A GAME, you are gambling. Its even tag lined on the site as "Entertainment Shopping" I mean, come on... whoever wrote the article should be taken out and stoned! I don't think he/she did more than scan a few lines on the site. The 20 seconds explanation is all wrong. The article - especially the title -  make it sound like "the next eBay" which its not. And, I'm sorry but it is not going to spark the interest of internet shoppers. Gamblers - yeah. "Shoppers" no.

Peter A. Prestipino 02-16-2009 9:42 AM

As the title of the post suggests, swoopo is an "ALTERNATIVE" to eBay. I'm not saying it's a replacement, but another option. The story here is really the affiliation with GAN (Google Affiliate Network) and not that it might be perceived as providing a different value proposition to eBay.

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