Death to AdSense; Microsoft Releases PubCenter

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Microsoft announced the beta release of PubCenter at the AdSpace Conference this week. PubCenter is a solution designed to directly compete with contextual (i.e. matching the content of the page) affiliate/publisher programs like Google AdSense and the Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN).

As with all other contextual programs, webmasters display advertising coming from an advertising network - in this case the Microsoft ad network. Those displaying PubCenter ads receive compensation when ads are clicked or for the number of gross impressions the ads generate on the publisher's site.

Affiliates can sign up for the beta service now, but it's only available to publishers in the U.S. currently. Not that I have anything against Adsense, but as an affiliate you have an obligation to pursue the highest payouts and the best experience for users. As such, it is important for publishers to test multiple content advertising solutions and of course varying configurations of those solutions in order to get the maximum returns.

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BrendaC 04-24-2009 11:47 AM

I'm not interested in any program Microsoft has to offer. I've had nothing but bad experience with them on every level of business and personal computing. I've placed a link to one of my blogs, we also park over 500+ domain names while developing them into interesting and profitable sites. I can promise you that Microsoft's new PubCenter is by no means the Death of AdSense. Even if it were to be, there are so many more affiliates for web site owners and bloggers to choose from.

Just my 2 cents.. ;)


TerryP 04-24-2009 7:41 PM

I have to agreed with Brad.  I'm sure if Microsoft put this thing together, we will all have to reboot every time we add one of their advertisements and they will probably only display with a Microsoft browser anyway.

This news make me want to do more with Google.

MikeB 04-27-2009 9:43 AM

In fact, I can't even remember ever making any money having adsense ads on any of my blogs!! It's a way to fill in too much white space I think, but who really makes any real money with adsense..? No one, and if they say thet do I think they're selling a lesson on how "You can too!".. lol

RobertG 04-27-2009 1:41 PM

i use a combo of andsense and adbrite on my blog. the nice part about adbrite is that if google can pay more, the adbrite code lets adsense coding take over. i think its great that there is a new player in serving ads....more opp to convert traffic. looking forward to pubcenter, Rob

~ Commented through my Website Magazine Android App!

BradC 05-02-2009 7:31 PM

WOW, got an email from google adsense 2 days after my first post here. Telling us that our Adsense account had been disabled.. lol  Like they were paying our bills or making big dollars for our sites and blogs. There are so many affiliates that will advertise on your sites if they have high grade content, that adsense is becoming just another port in a large harbor. Anyway, I just figured I would report my update that seemed to coincide with my put down of MicroSoft entering the ring. We still will not be bothering, there isn't any real money to be made with PPC campaigns. It shows how bad things are getting that companies as large as Google have to keep the small change from little companies who may actually depend on the few dollars a month they make from PPC.. Do a search for "Google Adsense Disabled Account" or "Adsense Complaints".. ;)

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