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Search engine optimization today is more challenging than ever. Many Web professionals have opted to take advantage of SEO software to minimize the learning curve and help manage their overall Internet marketing campaigns. While some purists might argue that there is no substitute for manually optimizing your site, the truth is that minimizing the often dull and repetitive tasks (checking rankings, finding new link partners) often associated with SEO can be reduced dramatically, leaving more time strategic thinking that makes for a great business. Let's review some of the most popular SEO software solutions on the market now. 

Link-Assistant is a serious competitor in the SEO software space offering four distinct solutions; Rank Tracker (keyword research and rank tracking), WebSite Auditor (site analysis and content optimization), SEO SpyGlass (competitive research and link building strategies and LinkAssistant (link building and link management). These services are sold seperately for $87 each or purchased as a complete set of SEO tools for $268. Free editions are available for Link-Assistant.

Editor's Choice: Traffic Travis is the most recent SEO software program we've tested at Website Magazine. The downloadable software offers a suite of 11 tools for finding keywords, analyzing pages for SEO factors, identifying inbound links, reporting on traffic and position, and provides a decent competitive research mechanism. Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of TrafficTravis is that it is not just for SEO but for paid search as well. The solution identifies which keywords competitors are bidding on and the performance of that ad over time.

SEO Administrator is an increasingly popular solution with quite the rich feature set. The Ranking Monitor tracks site position in all major search engines (even checking web positions in all 50+ Google data centers), a robust link popularity checker (which checks, compiles and even analyzes competitive websites), tools for site analysis and indexing, a log analyzer, and an HTML analyzer as well. A free trial is available for download. There are three editions of SEO Administrator; Standard ($129), Professional ($169), and Expert (($199).

Internet Business Promoter (IBP) offers a suite of professional website promotion tools. Also known as Axandra, IBP is a downloadable software capable of supporting multiple projects. Users have access to Arelis (a link popularity software program) and many SEO specific tools, including those for keyword research, directory and search engine submission, link building, and position checking. A free trial is available, but professional versions range between $250 for the standard edition and $450 for the business-class level.

WebPosition Gold is a long-time and respected provider of SEO software. The software program aids in the optimization of web pages through its keyword research tools, reports search rankings, submits to top search engines, and even tracks search engine rankings and website traffic, helping users to analyze conversions (through a Web Trends integration). A free trial is available. Versions range from $150 for the standard edition to $400 for the professional edition.

SEO Elite offers a impressive suite of tools. It reports search engine rankings, monitors reciprocal links on partner sites, conducts backlink search, displays pages indexed by major search engines, uncovers penalized sites you may be linking to, finds link exchange partners, and submits articles to article directories.

Web CEO is perhaps the current leader in SEO software, offering the most robust suite of search engine marketing tools in one software program. Users are able to find the best keywords, edit and optimize sites in a WYSIWYG editor, submit to search engines, find link partners, and even manage paid search campaigns. Web CEO also enables its users to check rankings, track and analyze visitors (over 120 live analytics reports) and know who links to a site. A free edition is available, and the SmallBiz and Professional Editions range from $199 to $389 respectively.

Late addition: RankSense is an SEO software featuring more than a domen tools. Users are able to discover rankings, analyze search engine coverage, identify problem pages, build sitemaps, select and appraise keywords, conduct link structure analysis and a whole lot more. RankSense offers a free 30 day trial and 60 day money-back guarantee and starts at just $29.95 per month.


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Jack Kennard 05-05-2009 4:03 PM

Maybe sometime in the future I would like to see a chart with votes by members for valuating each major section, like: keyword search,  rankings, links, reportability to clients and etc.

MeirG 05-05-2009 4:16 PM

I see that SEO Tools from Bruce Clay is not mentioned. How do you pick which ones to review?

Peter A. Prestipino 05-05-2009 4:20 PM

To MeirG, I've tested out all those listed the past several few months (they all have free editions). I left off quite a few including LotusJump, RankSense and yes, Bruce Clay's SEO Toolset - the ultimate goal is to build a bigger list which will happen over time. BTW - if anyone's got an SEO software solution they'd like reviewed let us know.

To Jack, that's a great suggestion - next newsletter we'll ask readers to vote on what they'd like to see in an SEO software solution.

Curtis Lilly 05-05-2009 4:31 PM

I attend the Full Sail IMMS program and have tried most of the software mentioned. I think Web CEO is the best, but it depends on the individual company goals. People should read all of the specifications and ensure that they choose the software according to needs of the company.

JimS 05-06-2009 7:58 AM

I would agree that WebCEO is probably the best software SEO solution, but I do love Traffic Travis as well.  At the end of the day though, all the analytics and reports in the world may not matter to a small or medium-sized business owner...they just want to see results and a good ROI.

When using some of these tools I think we often get too caught up in numbers and don't focus on actual visible RESULTS for our clients. For large corporations all these bells and whistles and reports might be suited, but for the smaller guys they just want more exposure on the Internet.

The price on some of these tools is still ridiculous too, considering a lot of the same stuff can be done manually by experienced SEO, but the price we pay is for convenience I guess.

BankMan 05-06-2009 9:43 PM

I recently purchashed Market Samuri and have been really impressed by its rank checking, keyword suggestions, etc.  Yes, with almost all of these programs you pay for convenience and time-saving.  Sure, you could do most of the stuff any of them offer for free, but it would take a lot more time.  

I own Traffic Travis, but honestly haven't used it much.  Another program I've found useful is Micro Niche Finder.

VernonW 05-08-2009 8:54 AM

seoMOZ in the Pacific northwest has a whole suite of SEO tools.  There are free memberships as well as 2 levels of paid memberships.

Internet Search Engine Database (ISEDB, also called Planet Ocean) has their very powerful suite of tools called SEOinsites.  Go to  I believe this suite is a paid subscription.  Has some very powerful link building tools in it.

And then recently on the scene and already mentioned above is Market Samurai.  Market Samuria looks to be very powerful!

And one last one, all the Google Tools in Google Webmaster.  What better place to get keyword data than the planets largest search provider at 65-70% market share.  Check out Google Keyword Ideas and Google Trends.

SimonC 04-14-2013 3:30 AM

There are some good tools out there. SEO Elite is worth checking out.

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