Cost Per Twitter Lead?

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It is increasingly clear to many that marketing is becoming solely about engagement.

Pontiflex has a way for advertisers to build and grow lists of Twitter users using Cost-per-Lead (CPL) advertising. In addition to basic user information like name and email, Pontiflex's platform allows advertisers to capture Twitter handles of consumers who have opted-in to being contacted by the brand. Advertisers can then "follow" users on Twitter to better understand their concerns and also ask users to follow their brand to continue building the consumer/brand relationship. I initially thought I wouldn't be a fan, but I have to tell you that this might just have some merit.

Advertisers can currently run ad units through Pontiflex AdLeads on publishers like,, and Using a form embedded inside the banner and direct response creative, users can choose to enter basic user information like first name, last name and Twitter handle. Users stay on the publisher's site during this process and their information is transmitted to the advertiser in real-time through Pontiflex's back end. Advertisers can then "follow" the user and reach out to them directly. Advertisers pay only for leads that have submitted their information.

"Marketing is moving from a one way monologue to a two way conversation," said Zephrin Lasker, CEO & Co-founder, Pontiflex. "Many advertisers have tried to incorporate Twitter into their marketing efforts but few have done so successfully. This gives brands a very easy starting point for building a group of people who want to engage with them on Twitter. With Pontiflex AdLeads, advertisers can now build a responsive community of users on Twitter, listen to what they are saying and respond in relevant ways."

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06-17-2009 5:48 PM

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06-19-2009 8:10 AM

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BryanA 06-19-2009 3:57 PM

I have to read more about this to understand how to better utilize this feature as a Tweeter or as a business owner.

PaulW 06-20-2009 9:01 AM

I think marketing has always been about engagement. What has changed is the switch from push to pull marketing. Since, the consumer has more power than ever before with the advent of "everyone can be a publisher of content"  business is just now understanding they must change their marketing techniques in order to stay competitive.

Enter services such as Pontiflex that helps business better understand their customer base. It is all about engage, capture and SELL This is important for business the early adopters will out-pace the competition. I think the biggest hurdle for business is understanding the processes they will need in order to make sense of the changing marketing landscape.

If you have not set aside a marketing budget I suggest you do so now. Hire a consultant to help your in-house team develop marketing strategy that uses processes to assit the marketingt team implement  your strategies.

Jimmy Dunn 06-20-2009 1:36 PM

"Marketing is moving from a one way monologue to a two way conversation," this is the evolution of social media. Hence the word “social.” This may not be appreciated by short sighted marketers, but if you’re in business for the long run the opportunity to connect with potential customers in an environment where buying defenses are much more relaxed is tremendous.

Keep in mind that these social connections are not for selling but for relationship building and “Trust Factor Optimization.”

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