E-Commerce Tips for the Holiday Season

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Though it may be the middle of July, e-commerce merchants are getting ready for the upcoming holiday season. Best practices are important year round but they are even more critical during a time of heavy sales. Converting visitors into customers, eliminating shopping cart abandonment, and optimizing sites for search engines are all important but Website Magazine Twitter followers have even more tips. Website Magazine asked its 4,000 Twitter followers for their biggest e-commerce tips for the upcoming season. Here are their responses:

@shawnafennell : TEST TEST TEST. Increasing conversions by half a percent can mean the difference between $0 and $1,000 in profit.

@NancyBurban : Setup your online store by September the for the holiday season. Re-write all URLs to optimize for Google. Spend marketing $

@bebizzy : Schedule a review with your merchant processor, preferably with professional assistance, to ensure not spending extra $.

@meldunford : An issue with e-commerce that is often unmentioned: Monitor your site! If the site is down, no marketing or SEO will help

@Miva_Merchant : Have someone who's never seen your site before sit down at your home page, find, research and complete checkout while you watch the process (DO NOT HELP THEM). You might be amazed at what you learn about usability (or lack thereof).

@Roxyyo : Biggest ecommerce tip for holiday...bid on holiday terms in search engines! Details + keywords http://tr.im/search09

@ColetteMarshall : Plan now what products you want to sell for the holidays tell your supplier. Your supplier will then be able to plan enough orders or tell you if they will have enough in stock

@simonrodrigue : Focus on performance of the overall site / key features, this greatly reduces frustration in upcoming record traffic season.

@BVSNChris : Best Tip is to Ensure that You Don't Lose Customers from Completing Transactions with Irrelevant Product Recommendations.

@conticreative Name your product images with the product SKU

What are your e-commerce tips for the holiday season? Comment below.

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LoriO 07-20-2009 7:47 PM

Suggest complementary products during checkout.

07-21-2009 4:14 AM

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BillT 07-21-2009 5:10 PM

My tip: Exceed your customer’s expectations through every aspect of the online order process; give them something to rave about

@mattledford 07-22-2009 8:06 AM

While it is so easy to get distracted with the latest trends, sometimes I feel like a basketball coach yelling: "Its all about the fundamentals"!!!!  There are areas of consistent focus where we have spent the last decade helping to grow businesses online.  Ultimately every tactic should fall under the what I call the "Big Five Fundamentals of Ecommerce .    In order of importance they are:  traffic, conversion, average sale, engagement and repeat purchases.  Without traffic, ecommerce is just a lonely hobby.  Without conversion it is just an information site.  Without some sort of consistent average transaction it isn't a business.  Without engagement (engaging design and compelling user interface), visitors just bounce away in seconds.  Without a repeat purchase strategy, costs of customer acquisition dilute profits.  Now is THE  time to review analytics for weakness and to define specific unique tactics to strategically focus on each area of the "Big Five" to make this Christmas the best one yet!!! Every success to all of you!

07-22-2009 8:30 AM

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Website Promotion Services 07-25-2009 2:46 AM

If your customers are tour operators or hotels, you'd better hurry up! They're already prepared to host their guests. As a B2B online business, you should send them a list of all your services or products and make sure you've got all the mechanisms required in place to sell what you've got to offer.

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