Click Fraud; Down, But Not Out

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Anchor Intelligence last week released its first report detailing traffic quality across its network of search engines, ad networks, publishers, and advertisers. The verdict? Click fraud is down (albeit only slightly).

Based on Anchor’s analysis of data from customers, the average invalid rate for Anchor customers fell slightly from 27.9% in Q1 to 27.1% in Q2. The Q1 invalid rate was comprised of a 21.7% average attempted click fraud rate and a 6.2% other invalid rate. In Q2, the average attempted click fraud rate increased to 22.9% and the other invalid rate declined to 4.2%.

In addition to the network-level rates, Anchor Intelligence also reported traffic quality rates for the top 30 countries by traffic volume. The countries with the highest attempted click fraud rates were Vietnam (48.3%), Canada (27.7%), and the U.S. (25.6%). Many lower volume countries experienced much higher attempted click fraud rates.

The Traffic Quality Report from Anchor can be accessed here.

Do these numbers seem a little out of place? The Anchor report is akin to saying that one out of five clicks is fraudulent. That's pretty shocking and I'm probably more cynical than your average PPC marketer. Click Forensics also released data on 2nd quarter PPC fraud figures (citing it as 12.7%) and it’s down for the quarter and the year across their network too. Click fraud remains a threat to every online advertiser but it remains difficult to measure - perhaps the reason for the discrepancy.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were some standards in measuring click fraud?
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1 comment

John Sullivan 07-28-2009 2:54 PM

Sure click fraud is a big problem because PEOPLE are selfish and only think of themselves.They may be in for a shock when the Secret Service or US Marshalls knock on their door.

Also  MANY sites send out tons of emails wanting you to come to their site and it really does me no good.

ALSO all these sites now using their iframes to keep people on their site is NO different then click fraud.

Like Blogcatalog using auto surfs/toolbars to lower their Alexa so they can screw advertisers. I see alot of shady stuff going on :)

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